more than a sport.
Everybody knows it, many love it but just a few know the real potential of foosball. Besides ever-expanding team and federation structures on national and international level, foosball earns more and more publicity. Even companies recognize the enourmous abilities concerning communication and use this for different parts in B2B and B2C sectors. We are the capable partner inside your project since the early stages of conception till post-processing. Convince your customers and employees with fun and the magic of foosball.
Shopping becomes
an adventure...
People love to remember the good moments in life. Why don’t you let people get their positive memories at your own location? Foosball is highly integrative and powerful in communication. The target audience of foosball is not influenced by age, salary or origin. We support you in generating unique moments whithin your shopping centre.
Motivation for employees
and networkingtools...
Many companies are aiming at best ways to connect different businesses and people during conferences. In that case, fun is essential for success. On the one hand foosball provides fun and communication, on the other hand people gain sustainable experiences inside or together with your company. Networking and motivation combined with fun creates perfect emotions of „belonging together“ which leaves all the stress and troubles of work behind.
Mergence of
product and customer...
On a trade fair you are just one product out of many. Details is the key to outreach the boothes next to you. Foosball gernerates a great interactive experience for customers during their attendance at your stand, furthermore it attracts a larger amount of visitors. A quick game is really welcome after long and exhausting business talks. After the match, potential customers are relaxed and open for new ideas. This is where a visitor becomes a customer.
We arise uniqueness
at your event...


About us

Tournament hosting, showmatches, foosball workshops and skilled referess for your event are our profession. Destinctive experiences in Eventmanagement and the forceful connection to the german table soccer federation (DTFB e.V.) and the international Federation ITSF (FIFA of Foosball) is our big advantage. We arise uniqueness at your event. Professional and well-trained referees with enlarged experiences in eventmanagement and tournament direction perform all of our services. Use the benefit of a joyful adventure for yourself and your personal target audience in any european country.

We arise uniqueness at your event

Commerce Event

Corporate Events for B2B and B2C:

The perfect match for every conference centre. Use Foosball as a networking tool and connect customers, partners or even employees with fun and passion. Create a new impulse of motivation, that remains sustainable in mind. The additional benefit for every evening activity.

Corporate Event

Shopping as an adventure:

A foosball tournament is a joyful framework program for your event area which causes sustainable positive memories to your customers and visitors. When shopping becomes an adventure, we create a relation between you and your customer. These positive effects will be noticed in frequency and happiness of all guests. Even for your intern shop owners. Discover!

Procurance of Professionals

Our service



Trade Fair-Event:

Our professionals play in your booth against prospective customers and turn your stand into an interactive adventure. On the one hand frequencies of visitors will rise, on the other side visitors will talk about it and your brand will be in focus of communication. A branded foosball table in your CD fits perfect and a quick game is relaxing. Visitors not only stay longer but become customers.

Trade Fair-Event


Everybody knows Foosball, nearly everyone enjoys it but just a few dominate it to master class. Our professionals will guide you through basics, strategies, tricks and difficult skillshots which influences the difference between victory and defeat. Just perfect as a short afterwork experience for 1-2 hours. Either we use your table or bring a professional one straight to your company or location.

Rental and Purchase Advice

Range of Products

Official Tables - Corporate Branding - XXL-Foosball - Accessories

Rent up to 100 Tables!

Due to our destinctive connection to the DTFB and additional to the manifacturers, we are able to deliever up to 100 high quality Foosballtables. Moreover we would like to consult you in finding the best Foosballtable within your budget.

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Unique Moments can not be generated at the assembly line. Individual consulting and creativity are essential. We are looking forward to achieve a common purpose, your successfull event.

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